Implementing and running clients

As the server is running, we now need to implement the clients. You should be familiar with this part, so I will just remind you of the most important parts, leaving something for you as homework.

Creating a client in PHP

When creating the client in PHP, we go through the standard procedure of including the required files, registering namespaces, and creating the connection:

#!/usr/bin/env php <?php define('THRIFT_PHP_LIB', __DIR__.'/thrift-0.9.2/lib/php/lib'); define('GEN_PHP_DIR', __DIR__.'/gen-php'); require_once THRIFT_PHP_LIB.'/Thrift/ClassLoader/ThriftClassLoader.php'; use Thrift\ClassLoader\ThriftClassLoader; $loader = new ThriftClassLoader(); $loader->registerNamespace('Thrift', THRIFT_PHP_LIB); // register ...

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