Using minicom and seyon

Some ISPs provide a choice of a PPP account or a shell account. The two most popular Linux programs for accessing a shell account are minicom, a graphical program that runs in a virtual console, and seyon, which runs under X. Although seyon has the more modern user interface, most Linux users prefer minicom, which supports more options than does seyon.

Using seyon

Once you’ve configured your modem, you’re ready to run seyon. To do so, start X and issue the command:


Figure 11-19 shows the main seyon window. The top row contains several labels that indicate the status of your modem:


Indicates that your computer is ready to send and receive data


Indicates that the modem is ready to send and receive data


Indicates that your computer has requested to send data


Indicates that the modem is ready to receive data


Indicates that the modem has detected a ring signal on the telephone line

The main seyon window

Figure 11-19. The main seyon window

The second row contains several programmable buttons, which have no associated default action. The remaining buttons, in the third, fourth, and fifth rows, let you operate seyon. For example, to make a connection, you click on the Dial button, which pops up seyon’s Dialing Directory dialog box, shown in Figure 11-20.

The seyon Dialing Directory

Figure 11-20. The ...

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