Chapter 12. EventStorming

In this chapter, we will take a break from discussing software design patterns and techniques. Instead, we will focus on a low-tech modeling process called EventStorming. This process brings together the core aspects of domain-driven design that we covered in the preceding chapters.

You will learn the EventStorming process, how to facilitate an EventStorming workshop, and how to leverage EventStorming to effectively share domain knowledge and build a ubiquitous language.

What Is EventStorming?

EventStorming is a low-tech activity for a group of people to brainstorm and rapidly model a business process. In a sense, EventStorming is a tactical tool for sharing business domain knowledge.

An EventStorming session has a scope: the business process that the group is interested in exploring. The participants are exploring the process as a series of domain events, represented by sticky notes, over a timeline. Step by step, the model is enhanced with additional concepts—actors, commands, external systems, and others—until all of its elements tell the story of how the business process works.

Who Should Participate in EventStorming?

Just keep in mind that the goal of the workshop is to learn as much as possible in the shortest time possible. We invite key people to the workshop, and we don’t want to waste their valuable time.

Alberto Brandolini, creator of the EventStorming workshop

Ideally, a diverse group of people should participate in the workshop. Indeed, ...

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