Chapter 8. Middleware Configuration

In this section we will go deeper into the configuration of the Middleware and explain each option and parameter in more detail. If you are just learning MCollective, it is not essential that you understand everything in this section. If MCollective is working properly in your environment and meets your needs, you can set this section aside and read it later.

However, if you are having difficulty with connectivity to your middleware broker, or you wish to implement a Network of Brokers, it will be essential for you to understand the middleware configuration in detail. That is what this section will provide for you.

Open Platform

MCollective uses a publish/subscribe Message Broker as middleware to provide communications channels between clients, servers, and listeners. By design MCollective uses plugins to communicate with the middleware, thus allowing considerable flexibility in the choice of middleware and the type of communication. The core installation contains the following middleware plugins at the time this book was written, however one can create their own middleware connector based on a different technology.

  1. ActiveMQ 5.8 or higher (preferred)
  2. RabbitMQ 2.8 or higher

Each of these Message Brokers are widely used and actively supported by developer communities. Each of these are suitable for small deployments, large clusters, and wide-scale hierarchical deployments. Each of these are used ...

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