Chapter 5. Microsoft Azure Cloud Storage and Databases

At the heart of any application is the data, and whether that data is an image, an arbitrary fact about lumpia, or something in between, it needs to be stored somewhere! Luckily, there are plenty of data storage and database options that suit specific needs. Which do you use? That will depend on some key factors, like how you intend to interact with your data, how much of it you need to store, what kind of data you are storing, and how your application is structured. In the end, choosing the right database and data storage options can mean the difference between a resilient, scalable, and delightful application...and one that is not, so choose wisely!

Adrienne Braganza Tacke, Senior Developer Advocate and Software Engineering Leader at Cisco

In the previous chapter, you learned about the importance of networking in the cloud infrastructure of Microsoft and the various Azure networking services for different purposes. Implementing database services like relational databases and Microsoft SQL Services has been a key part of software development with the Microsoft technology stack. 1

In this chapter, you will learn about the benefits of cloud storage in Azure and the different cloud database services for different types of data. Cloud storage services are important in daily practical data management, software development, and cloud engineering. By the end of this chapter, you will understand the different data storage and database ...

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