GNOME Office

GNOME Office, GNOME’s desktop application suite, is made up of more than a dozen components that will eventually comprise a complete suite of desktop applications for GNOME users. The components are in various stages of development; some are mature and usable, whereas others are in initial development. Among the components of GNOME Office are:

  • AbiWord, a word processor

  • Achtung, a presentation application

  • Dia, a diagramming application

  • Evolution, an Outlook-like personal information manager including calendar and email

  • Eye of GNOME, an image viewer

  • Galeon, a web browser

  • The GIMP, an image editing application

  • Gnucash, a personal finance manager

  • Gnumeric, a spreadsheet application

You can learn more about the GNOME Office project by visiting its web site,


GNOME Office applications are available from the GNOME menu. For example, AbiWord is available by selecting Main Menu Programs Applications AbiWord. Figure 5-15 shows AbiWord’s main window.


Figure 5-15. AbiWord

The AbiWord word processor was originally developed by AbiSource, Inc. It runs on Win32 platforms, as well as Linux. It has strong support for localization and has been localized for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Slavic languages. AbiWord development is ongoing, so its feature set and performance are subject to rapid improvement.

AbiWord has a variety of import and export ...

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