Linux Resources on the Internet

This section points you to up-to-the-minute information about Linux available though web pages and Internet newsgroups. You may find this information helpful in completing your installation of Linux and you’ll certainly find it helpful in using your Linux system.

Web Pages

Table 1.5 lists the URLs of some popular Linux web pages. Check these out to get the latest information about Linux. Perhaps the most useful is the home page of the Linux Documentation Project. There, you can find almost anything you want to know about Linux. The Linux Documentation Project web site includes a search engine that makes it easy to find what you need.

Table 1-5. Recommended Linux Web Pages

Web page


Eric S. Raymond’s Linux Reading List HOWTO

Gary Singleton’s Gary’s Place: Linux News Tips and Links

Joshua Go’s Linux Guide

Linux Documentation Project

Linux Journal Web Page

Linux Journal’s Linux Gazette

Linux Resources

Linux Web Ring

Linux Weekly News

O’Reilly & Associates Linux Center

Red Hat Linux Users FAQ RedHat-FAQ/

Renaissoft’s Linux Resources

Robert Kiesling’s Linux Frequently Asked Questions with Answers (FAQ)


Victoria, British Columbia Linux Users Group

The Linux Webring offers another convenient way to explore a variety of Linux-related web sites. Participating web sites present links to one another; by following these links you can circumnavigate the entire ring or you can use the Webring’s home page to seek exactly the sort of page you’re interested in.

Linux Journal is a popular magazine among Linux users. You can subscribe to the hard copy edition or peruse any of several web sites supported by Linux Journal.

A FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) list summarizes questions and answers commonly appearing on an Internet newsgroup or other venue. FAQs are among the most valuable sources of information about any topic because they answer a high percentage of potential questions. You should consult FAQs early and often.

The motto of the Slashdot web site is “News for nerds. Stuff that matters.” You’ll find a great deal of interesting news and information there, concerning not only Linux but the open source community and computing generally.


Internet newsgroups are a popular gathering place for Linux users. There, they give and receive help in setting up and using Linux systems and share pointers to the latest Linux software. Table 1.6 lists some popular Linux-related newsgroups. If your Internet Service Provider supports access to newsgroups, you can view them using Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Communicator, or a special newsgroup client application.

Table 1-6. Popular Linux-related Internet Newsgroups




Arguing the benefits of Linux in comparison to other operating systems


Linux on DEC Alpha computers


Announcements important to the Linux community (Also visit the archive site)




Writing Linux applications and porting applications to Linux


Linux kernels, device drivers, and modules


Hardware compatibility with the Linux operating system


Topics not covered by other groups


Networking and communication.


Linux systems running on the PowerPC


Linux installation and system administration


X servers, clients, libs, and fonts

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