The POP3 Server

Until IIS 6, Windows Server products never included the software needed to retrieve mail that has been sent to a machine. Microsoft wisely decided in Windows Server 2003 to include a simple POP3 server that can make any machine running Windows Server 2003 into a server capable of sending and receiving Internet mail. The POP3 protocol enables users to log in and receive mail sent to them through the SMTP server. In this section, I’ll look at installing, configuring, and administering the POP3 component of IIS.

Installing the POP3 Server

First, you’ll need to install the POP3 server. Go to the Control Panel, and open the Add/Remove Programs applet; then, click Windows Components. You’ll find the POP3 checkbox by double-clicking E-Mail Services.

Once the POP3 service has been installed, you can load the administrative console for the POP3 service through the MMC program. The specific console is named p3server.msc. By default, the POP3 management tools are not included within IIS Manager.

POP3 Properties

Before actually configuring a domain for use, you’ll need to set some global properties within the POP3 Service management console that will be used for all domains receiving mail via the service. To access these properties, right-click the server name within the left pane of the management console and select Properties. You’ll see something much like Figure 8-37.

POP3 server properties

Figure 8-37. POP3 ...

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