QuickTime 3 Sprite Asset Xtra

Table B-1 lists the QT3 Xtras you’ll need for authoring and distribution. Windows 3.1 and 68K are not supported by the Xtra (and Windows 3.1 is not supported by QuickTime 3 at all). All versions require D6.5.

Table B-1. QuickTime 3 Xtras


Xtra Name

Power Macintosh Authoring

QuickTime Asset Options PPC

Power Macintosh Distribution (Projectors or Shockwave)

QuickTime Asset PPC

Windows 32-bit Authoring

QuickTime Asset Options.x32

Windows 32-bit Distribution (Projectors or Shockwave)

QuickTime Asset.x32

Getting the Xtra to work:

  • The QT3 Xtra requires at least 15 MB allocated to Director on the PPC. Although Projectors seem to work with the default allocation (< 7.5 MB) you should consider increasing it when using QuickTime 3.

  • QTVR 1.0 panoramas may not work with the QT3 Asset Xtra. Update your QTVR panoramas to QTVR 2.0 or higher. On the Macintosh, Macromedia recommends deleting all old versions of QTVR and QT-related extensions and doing a clean install of QT3.

  • Add the following to your DIRECTOR.INI file (or see the DIRECTOR.INI that comes with the QT3 Xtra) to use QT3’s sound mixing capability under Windows.

    DLL = "QMix.dll"


Macromedia currently advises using DLLName ="Macromix.DLL" for the sound mixer instead of QMix.DLL. But the Macromix.DLL file that shipped with D6.5 was buggy. At press time Macromedia promised a fix imminently. See Chapter 15 and Chapter 16 in Director in a Nutshell for the latest information.

The QT3 Asset ...

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