Mouse Properties

Numerous system properties provide information about the current mouse button state, the last mouse click event, and the current mouse position. Most of these events can be tested but not set. Table 9-5 summarizes all the system properties related to the mouse button state, and Table 9-6 summarizes the system properties related to the position of the mouse cursor.

Table 9-5. Mouse Button State System Properties

Property Name


Left Button

Right Button


the buttonStyle

Determines whether mouseUp and rightMouseUp event are sent to other sprites or only to the frame following a mouseUpOutside event.

the clickLoc

Point on stage where mouse was last clicked. See Chapter 5, Coordinates, Alignment, and Registration Points, in Director in a Nutshell.

the clickOn

Sprite number of last mouse-opaque sprite clicked, or 0 (zero) to indicate the Stage.[a]

the currentSpriteNum

Sprite number of the sprite to which the current Lingo handler is attached.[a]

the doubleClick

Boolean indicating whether last mouse event constituted a double-click.

the emulateMultiButtonMouse

Boolean indicating whether to treat Control-clicks as right mouse clicks on Macintosh.


the lastClick

Time (in ticks) since last mouse click. See Chapter 11.

the lastEvent

Time (in ticks) since last mouse click, mouse roll, or key press. See Chapter 11.

the mouseDown

Boolean indicating whether either mouse button (left or right) is depressed. ...

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