Chapter 3

Understanding Skills and Endorsements


check Showcasing your skill sets and strengths

check Leveraging your skills for SEO purposes

check Soliciting endorsements and endorsing others

check Hiding and removing endorsements

The Skills & Endorsements section is a much-maligned area of the LinkedIn profile. Whenever I speak to groups about LinkedIn, there is always someone in the crowd who jumps up and asks, “What is the point of Skills & Endorsements?” The crowd goes wild, and I am left defending this poor section of the profile.

As I show you in this chapter, the bad reputation of the Skills & Endorsements section is not deserved. This section is simply a place to list your skills and strengths and allow your connections to publicly validate them with an endorsement.

In this chapter we look at how to take the keywords you discovered in Chapter 2 and turn them into skills in the Skills & Endorsements section where your connections can endorse them. I show you how easy it is to add and rearrange those skills to expertly showcase your skill sets and strengths. I also show you how to ...

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