Quick Guide to bash Commands


Viewing the bash built-in commands

Reviewing GNU additional shell commands

Looking at bash environment variables

As you've seen throughout this book, the bash shell contains lots of features and thus has lots of commands available. This appendix provides a concise guide to allow you to quickly look up a feature or command that you can use from the bash command line or from a bash shell script.

Reviewing Built-In Commands

The bash shell includes many popular commands built into the shell. This provides for faster processing times when using these commands. Table A-1 shows the built-in commands available directly from the bash shell.

TABLE A-1 bash Built-In Commands




The built-in commands provide higher performance than external commands, but the more built-in commands that are added to a shell, the more memory it consumes with commands that you may never use. The bash shell also contains external commands that provide extended functionality for the shell. These are discussed in the following section.

Looking at Common bash Commands

In addition ...

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