Live Your Best Life

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Explore the science behind your daily living habits and make your day healthier, happier, and more productive.

Best-selling author Stuart Farrimond brings you a ground-breaking health book that will revitalize your daily routine and bring to light the latest research in psychology, nutrition, biology, and physics alike.

Set out to unearth the facts behind the pseudo-science fads, and provide take-away advice on every area of our lives, Live Your Best Life is an approachable, entertaining and easy-to-read wellness guide for those seeking self-improvement backed up by solid scientific evidence.

Dive straight in to discover:

- The Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night structure takes you through a typical day.
- Fascinating statistics and infographics that bring each science story to life.
- Long-held health myths debunked and exploded by new science.
- Action points to each story to help you tweak your lifestyle habits accordingly

Is sleeping 8 hours a night good for optimum health? If I exercise every day, why am I not losing weight? Should I brush my teeth before or after breakfast? Is coffee good or bad for you?

These are all fundamental everyday questions explored throughout this wellness book, which combines popular science with practical self-improvement, factoring in the latest scientific research to debunk the common myths and provide easy-to-read and relatable content for every reader! The popular question and answer format brings an immediacy to the information provided, and the highly visually illustrations truly bring the science to life in a contemporary and accessible way.

From losing weight to healing the gut, self-care to superfoods, this all-encompassing healthy lifestyle book truly does have it all!

What better way to redefine your routine and revitalize your life than giving yourself a new you this New Year? This curated collection of self-improvement tips will teach you to become a better and more balanced version of yourself. So make 2022 the year of wellness and healing yourself!

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  2. Half-Title
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  5. Foreword
    1. Why Is Waking Up So Hard?
    2. Why Do I Feel Low on Winter Mornings?
    3. I Slept In, So Why Do I Still Feel Sleepy?
    4. Should I Hit the Snooze Button?
    5. Is It Okay to Check My Phone As Soon As I Wake?
    6. Why Don’t I Remember My Dreams?
    7. When Should I Drink My First Coffee?
    8. Can I Make Myself More of a Morning Person?
    9. Why Are Teenagers So Lazy in the Mornings?
    10. When Is the Best Time to Shower or Bathe?
    11. Why Do I Poop at the Same Time Every Morning?
    12. Why Do I Have Bad Breath When I Wake Up?
    13. What’s the Best Toothpaste for Healthy Teeth?
    14. Is an Electric Toothbrush the Best Way to Brush?
    15. Should I Brush My Teeth Before or After Breakfast?
    16. Is Breakfast the Most Important Meal of the Day?
    17. Will Skipping Breakfast Make Me Fat?
    18. What’s the Best Thing to Eat for Breakfast?
    19. What’s the Healthiest Breakfast Cereal?
    20. Is Juicing a Good Way to Get One of My Five a Day?
    21. Should I Take Vitamins with My Breakfast?
    22. It’s Cold! Should I Wear a Thick Sweater or Layers?
    23. It’s Hot! What Should I Wear to Keep Cool?
    24. Do We Burn More Calories When It’s Colder?
    25. Is Central Heating Bad for Our Health?
    26. Is Air-Conditioning Unhealthy, Too?
    27. Do Women Really Feel the Cold More Than Men?
    28. Will Wearing a Coat Indoors Mean I’m Colder When I Go Out?
    29. Do I Lose Most of My Body Heat From My Head?
    30. Is Commuting Harming My Health?
    31. Why Does My Morning Commute Seem Longer?
    32. Why Are People in Cities So Rude?
    33. Is Life Really Faster-Paced in the City?
    34. Why Is Everyone Worse at Driving Than Me?
    35. Why Do I Get Road Rage When I’m Normally Calm?
    36. How Can I Shake Off a Bad Mood?
    37. How Can I Get the Most from My Working Day?
    38. What’s the Best Workspace for Productivity?
    39. Can I Learn to Be Better at Multitasking?
    40. Will Listening to Music Improve My Concentration?
    41. How Often Should I Take a Break?
    42. Why Am I So Easily Distracted?
    43. Why Do I Get the Best Ideas When I’m Not Trying?
    44. How Can I Maximize My Creativity?
    45. Is My Workplace Making Me Sick?
    46. Why Can’t I Get a Word in Edgewise in Meetings?
    47. Are Male and Female Brains Wired Differently?
    48. Why Do I Feel Hungry So Soon After Breakfast?
    49. Is Grazing the Healthiest Way to Eat?
    50. Do I Need to Drink Eight Glasses of Water a Day?
    51. Should I Drink until My Pee Is Clear?
    1. What Makes a Good Lunch?
    2. Is It Okay to Work While Having Lunch?
    3. Is It Really Better to Eat Slowly?
    4. I Want to Eat Healthily, So Why Do I Eat Junk Food?
    5. Why Is Sugar So Irresistible?
    6. How Can I Avoid a Sugar Crash?
    7. How Much Sugar Can I Have, Then?
    8. Can I Train Myself Not to Have a Sweet Tooth?
    9. Is Sitting Down “the New Smoking”?
    10. How Can I Avoid the Post-Lunch Slump?
    11. How Long Is the Ideal Power Nap?
    12. Should I Trust My Gut Instinct?
    13. Are We All Really Getting More Stressed?
    14. Is There a Quick Way to Calm My Nerves?
    15. How Can I Manage Worrying Thoughts?
    16. How Can I Deal with Constant Stress?
    17. Can Stress Ever Be Good for Me?
    18. Why Am I Always Ill When I Stop Working?
    19. How Much Time Should I Spend in the Sun?
    20. Why Can’t I Think Straight on a Hot Day?
    21. Why Has My Teenager Turned into an Alien?
    22. Why Did I Take More Risks When I Was Younger?
    23. Why Do I Feel Younger Than My Real Age?
    24. Why Do Long-Past Events Seem So Recent to Me?
    25. Why Are My Childhood Memories So Hazy?
    26. Why Do I Remember Events Differently from Others?
    27. What Is Déja Vu, and Should I Worry?
    28. What Is That “On-the-Tip-of-My-Tongue” Feeling?
    29. Why Do I Sometimes Forget Why I Came into the Room?
    30. Why Can I Remember Faces Better Than Names?
    31. Why Can I Still Remember Skills, Even Years Later?
    32. How Can I Improve My Memory?
    33. Should I Always Believe What I See?
    34. Is It True We Use Only 10 Percent of Our Brains?
    35. Can I Raise My IQ?
    36. How Can I Avoid Buying Things I Don’t Need?
    37. Why Can I Never Find the Best Bargains?
    38. How Can I Shop Most Effectively?
    39. Is It Cheaper to Shop Online?
    1. Why Is It Hard to Motivate Myself to Exercise?
    2. When Should I Exercise?
    3. What and When Should I Eat Before Exercise?
    4. When Should I Eat After Exercise?
    5. Does Stretching Prevent Injury?
    6. How Can I Avoid Getting a Stitch?
    7. What’s the Best Exercise for a Healthy Heart?
    8. Does Exercise Make My Brain Fitter?
    9. What’s the Best Exercise to Burn Calories?
    10. How Do I Trade My Belly Fat for a Six Pack?
    11. What’s the Best Way to Build Up Muscle?
    12. How Do I Avoid “Hitting the Wall”?
    13. Is Socializing Good for Me?
    14. Why Am I Unluckier Than My Friends?
    15. How Can I Be a Better Judge of Character?
    16. Why Are Some People So Stubborn in Their Views?
    17. Is Hugging Good for Us?
    18. Why Am I So Nervous Around Someone I Fancy?
    19. Why Do I Find Certain People Attractive?
    20. Is Being in Love Good for My Health?
    21. What’s Most Attractive in a Long-Term Partner?
    22. Why Do I Get PMS and Period Pains?
    23. Why Do My Periods Sync Up with Others’?
    24. How Can I Manage Menopause?
    25. Is There Such a Thing as a Midlife Crisis?
    26. Can I Blame My Bad Mood on Hunger?
    27. Is Eating a Large Meal in the Evening Bad for Me?
    28. Why Is Everyone Putting On More Weight?
    29. Should I Use BMI to Aim for My Ideal Body Weight?
    30. I Eat Well, So Why Can’t I Manage My Weight?
    31. Are Fats Good or Bad for Me Now?
    32. Is My Weight Genetically Programmed?
    33. Can Gut Microbes Help Me Manage My Weight?
    34. Which Is the Best Weight-Loss Diet?
    35. What’s So Good About the Mediterranean Diet?
    36. Will Being Vegan Make Me Healthier?
    37. Why Is Nutrition Advice Always Changing?
    38. Why Do I Get Scared by Music or Sounds in Movies?
    39. Why Is Social Media So Addictive?
    40. How Can I Swap My Bad Habits for Better Ones?
  9. NIGHT
    1. Is My Phone Ruining My Sex Life?
    2. Is There a Best Time to Have Sex?
    3. Why Do We Yawn, and Why Are Yawns Contagious?
    4. Do Sleeping Pills Help or Hinder?
    5. Will a Nightcap Help Me Sleep Better?
    6. Will Digital Devices Keep Me Awake?
    7. What’s the Best Way to Fall— and Stay—Asleep?
    8. Is Sleep Really That Important?
    9. How Do I Know How Much Sleep I Need?
    10. Can I Make Up for Lost Sleep on the Weekend?
    11. What Can I Do if I Can’t Avoid Sleep Deprivation?
    12. How Can I Deal with Jet Lag?
    13. Why Do I Get Sleep Jerks?
    14. Why Do I Talk in My Sleep?
    15. Why Do I Snore and How Can I Stop?
    16. Why Do I Get Night Terrors or Sleep Paralysis?
    17. Does Dreaming Make Me More Creative?
    18. Do My Dreams Mean Anything?
  10. Glossary
  11. Data credits
  12. About the Author
  13. Acknowledgments
  14. Copyright

Product information

  • Title: Live Your Best Life
  • Author(s): Dr. Stuart Farrimond
  • Release date: December 2020
  • Publisher(s): DK Publishing
  • ISBN: 9780744050516