Chapter 6

Recording Audio


check Setting up Logic Pro for recording audio

check Recording audio tracks and multiple takes

check Overdubbing and punch recording audio

check Setting up separate monitor mixes

Audio recording was introduced to the original Notator Logic in 1994, about 20 years before the introduction of Logic Pro X. “The Sign” by Ace of Base was the number-one song that year. While I can't confirm that the song was referring to the emergence of computer audio recording, I can confirm that it was a breakthrough year for Logic.

Fast forward more than 20 years and you have a powerful and an affordable digital audio workstation that scores of major artists are using to create chart-topping hits. In this chapter, you discover how to record audio, build the perfect track from multiple recordings, and much more.

Preparing to Record Audio

In Chapter 5, you connect your audio hardware, set the project sample rate, and select the recording file type. You should confirm that the incoming signal from your audio source (microphone or instrument) is being received by your audio interface ...

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