Chapter 17

Shaping Your Mix with Effects


check Applying effects and elevating your sound

check Controlling the flow of signals in the mixer

check Adding depth to your mix with reverb and delay

check Getting your mix competitively loud

Logic Pro comes with many effects, giving you lots of choices. You'll get to know these effects well as you use them again and again. Chapter 16 teaches you important concepts for applying effects. In this chapter, you discover how to add effects and control the flow of audio signals in Logic Pro as well as how to use the most common plug-ins.

tip If you’re a laptop artist and you write, arrange, edit, and mix your project as you go, hold your mix loosely until you’ve settled on the rest. You’re going to discover cool sounds by design and by accident, and you should save them as patches so you can come back to them later. However, you might want to start mixing from scratch after you’ve settled on all your parts. Sometimes a clean slate is faster to mix than a ...

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