Chapter 16

Mixing Your Project


check Understanding the fundamentals of mixing

check Setting levels and measuring volume

check Using channel strips in the mixer

check Keeping track of your project with track notes

Mixing is so much fun that a lot of Logic Pro users begin mixing before they begin writing a song. So many cool effects and faders and knobs are available to entertain us. The excitement keeps Logic Pro users hooked and coming back for more. Mixing is taking all your parts, blending them, and delivering the result to your audience in a cohesive whole. Ultimately, mixing is all about controlling and directing the experience of the music.

In this chapter, you discover the fundamental concepts of mixing audio to create an experience. You learn the best practices for setting levels and measuring volume, taking guesswork out of balancing your tracks. You find out how to overcome the most common challenges of mixing and how to produce professional sounding audio.

Understanding Important Mixing Concepts

Audio engineering confuses a lot of beginners. It’s part art and part science. When ...

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