Chapter 3. System Tools

This part introduces you to the various tools that accompany Mac OS X. The sections in this part are intended to provide an overview of the following:

  • System Preferences

  • Applications and Utilities

  • Developer Tools

Chapter 5 provides additional information about how to use and apply the System Preferences for configuring your system, as well as specific uses for some of Mac OS X’s standard Applications and Utilities.

System Preferences

As mentioned earlier, Mac OS X’s System Preferences perform many of the same functions as Mac OS 9’s Control Panels. To launch the System Preferences application, simply click on the light-switch icon in the Dock, and the window shown in Figure 3-1 will appear.

The System Preferences window

Figure 3-1. The System Preferences window

As you’ll notice, the System Preferences are broken down into four categories: Personal, Hardware, Internet & Network, and System. There is also a customizable toolbar at the top of the window, similar to the toolbar in the Finder window. If you find yourself using a particular System Preference often, drag its icon to the toolbar. Likewise, if there is one you use rarely (such as the Displays panel), drag the icon away, and the item will be removed from the toolbar.

Unlike the Finder’s toolbar, you cannot customize the System Preferences toolbar. (You can customize the Finder’s toolbar by Control-clicking on the toolbar itself and ...

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