More Terminal Tricks and Tips

So many commands, so little time to learn them all. Here are a few more command-line tips and tricks that you are sure to find useful.

With a plethora of commands and various ways in which to combine them and string them together, you can do virtually unlimited things on the command line. Here are a few more tips and tricks you’ll find useful while working your way through some of the hacks in this book.


Of course, this crash course combined with [Hack #48] barely scratches the surface of the powerful Unix operating system. For a more in-depth treatment, we highly recommend Unix Power Tools (

Customizing Your Terminal

Over time, you will no doubt be bored with Terminal’s plain black-on-white settings. Here are some tips for adding some spice to your Terminal windows.

Longtime Unix users would be familiar with the green-on-black settings. Those were the days when dumb terminals ruled and a color monitor was more a luxury than a necessity. In Mac OS X, you can change the color of your Terminal window to mimic the good old days.

To change the color of your Terminal window, click on Terminal Window Settings..., as shown in Figure 5-6.

Changing the appearance of your Terminal window

Figure 5-6. Changing the appearance of your Terminal window

The Terminal Inspector window will appear (see Figure 5-7); it’s from here that you may make various changes to your Terminal ...

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