The Print Dialog

Almost every Mac OS X application supports a FilePrint (The Print Dialog-P) menu command. When selected, a print dialog (Figure 9-1) appears, usually as a sheet attached to the foremost document window.

The standard Print dialog (as a sheet)

Figure 9-1. The standard Print dialog (as a sheet)

The dialog contains three menus. The first two are always available:


This menu, shown in Figure 9-2, contains the name or IP address of every printer you have defined through the Printer Setup Utility (/Applications/Utilities). If there are any shared or discovered printers on the local network, they will also appear here, listed under an appropriate submenu. An additional choice, Edit Printer List..., launches the Printer Setup Utility and summons its printer list editing window for you (see Section 9.3.1 later in this chapter).

Printer Setup Utility’s printer list window

Figure 9-2. Printer Setup Utility’s printer list window

The menu’s default selection—appearing in the menu after you call up the dialog through FilePrint (Printer Setup Utility’s printer list window-P)—is whichever printer you’ve named as default through Printer Setup Utility.


This menu lets you load sets of print settings you’ve previously used ...

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