[ -b ] 
  [ -d dates ] 
  [ -h ] 
  [ -N ] 
  [ -rrevisions ] 
  [ -R ] 
  [ -s states ] 
  [ -t ] 
  [ -wlogins ] 
  [ file ... ]

Print an activity log for the files.

The standard meaning of the common client option -l applies. Additional options are:


List revisions on default branch.

-d dates

Report on these dates.


Print header only.


Don’t print tags.

-r [revisions]

Report on the listed revisions. There is no space between -r and its argument. Without an argument, the latest revision of the default branch is used.


Print RCS filename only. The usage of -R here is different from elsewhere in CVS (-R usually causes CVS to operate recursively).

-s states

Print only those revisions having one of the specified states.


Don’t print the header if the output would otherwise be empty.


Print only header and descriptive text.

-w logins

Report on checkins by the listed logins. There is no space between -w and its argument.

For -d, use the date specifications in Table 17-23. Multiple specifications separated by semicolons may be provided. For -s, separate multiple states with commas.

Table 17-23. log date range specifications



d1<d2 or d2>d1

The revisions dated between d1 and d2, exclusive

d1<=d2 or d2>=d1

The revisions dated between d1 and d2, inclusive

<d or d>

The revisions dated before d

<=d or d>=

The revisions dated on or before d

d< or >d

The revisions dated after d

d<= or >=d

The revisions dated on or after d


The most recent revision ...

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