Chapter 18. Utility Chest

In This Chapter

  • Calculating with the Calculator

  • Setting up lots of stuff, including AirPort Base Stations and Bluetooth devices

  • Plumbing your Leopard's innards

  • And much, much more . . .

Mac OS X Leopard comes with a plethora of useful utilities that make using your computer more pleasant and/or make you more productive when you use your computer. In this chapter, I give you a glimpse of the ones that aren't covered elsewhere in this book.

The first item, Calculator, is in your Applications folder; all the other items in this chapter are in your Utilities folder, inside your Applications folder.


Need to do some quick math? The Calculator application gives you a simple calculator with all the basic number‐crunching functions that your pocket calculator has. To use it, you can either click the keys with the mouse or use your numeric keypad on your keyboard to type numbers and operators (math symbols such as +, –, and =). Calculator also offers a paper tape (Window⇨Show Paper Tape) to track your computations and, if you want, provide a printed record. It can even speak numbers aloud (Speech⇨Speak Button Pressed and Speech⇨Speak).

Check out the Calculator in Figure 18-1 .

Figure 18-1: The Calculator (left), Convert menu (middle), and Paper Tape (right).

Figure 18.1.  Figure 18-1: The Calculator (left), Convert menu (middle), and Paper Tape (right). ...

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