Chapter 8. Getting Help for the Big X

In This Chapter

  • Using the Mac OS X Help Center

  • Searching for specific help

  • Getting help in applications

  • Finding other help resources

Whether the voice echoes from a living room, home office, or college computer lab, it's all too familiar: a call for help. No matter how well written the application or how well designed the operating system, sooner or later you're going to need support. That goes for everyone from the novice to the experienced MacBook owner to the occasional e-mail user to the most talented software developer.

In this short but oh-so-important chapter, I lead you through the various help resources available within Mac OS X as well as native Mac OS X applications. I show you how to tap additional resources from Apple, and I also point you to other suppliers of high-quality (as well as even questionable) assistance from sources on the Internet and in your local area.

Displaying the Help Viewer Window

Your first line of defense is the Mac OS X Help Viewer, as shown in Figure 8-1. To display the Help Viewer from the Finder menu, click Help and choose Mac Help; or you can press the

Displaying the Help Viewer Window

As shown in Figure 8-1, the Help Viewer is divided into three sets of controls:

  • Toolbar: The toolbar includes navigational controls (Back, Forward, and Home buttons), an Action button (where you can print a topic or change the text size), and the Ask a Question (or ...

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