What Is Macro Photography?

The Challenge of Macro Photography

Can I Afford to be a Macro Photographer?

Why Anyone Can Take Great Macro


Try It Now

You have purchased a camera, and you are ready to explore the world of tiny subjects, details, and small things. There is a whole new world out there to be explored, with a vast number of exciting opportunities. Everywhere around you there are fascinating patterns, shapes, and items that look amazing if you get close enough.

By the end of this chapter, you will have your first tastes of macro photography, you will understand some of the theory behind it, and you will see some astounding photos that give you something to aim for as you start honing your macro photography skills.


Macro photography is the art of taking pictures of subjects up close. Some photos might be of relatively large things — such as a hummingbird or a large flower — and others might be of minuscule objects, such as the compound eye of a fly. However, macro photography isn't just about taking pictures of small things; it can also be detail shots of bigger subjects. In fact, some of the photos in this book are detail photos of skyscrapers!

To many macro photographers, taking pictures is about capturing phenomena, items, and events that cannot easily be seen with the naked eye. A droplet falling onto a plate (see 1-1), a hummingbird in flight (see 1-2), or bubbles rising up in a glass of champagne ...

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