Chapter V.5. Building Web Sites with iWeb

In This Chapter

  • Understanding the parts of a Web page

  • Creating Web sites

  • Designing Web pages

  • Understanding Web host services

  • Publishing Web pages

Almost everyone has a Web site these days. Some people use Web sites to publicize their businesses, and others use Web sites as their sole means of reaching customers, such as online sellers of books, food, or pet products. Some people run Web sites focusing on their favorite hobbies, such as gardening or Star Trek trivia. No matter what your interests and needs, setting up a Web site can be fun, rewarding, and perhaps profitable.

Although creating Web pages isn't difficult, it's not as straightforward as you might hope. That's why Apple created iWeb, a special program designed to make creating Web pages easy, fun, and fast. With iWeb, you can create professional-looking Web pages in minutes instead of days.

The Parts of a Web Page

A Web site is made of Web pages. Think of a Web page as an endless sheet of paper that you can stretch in all directions to make it as large or as small as you want. On this sheet, you can position text, pictures, graphics, movies, songs, and even programs for others to access. To help guide people around your Web pages, you add navigational aids called hyperlinks, also commonly called links. By clicking a link, people can jump from one Web page to another or from one location on a page to another location on that (or a different) Web page. Figure 5-1 shows the typical parts ...

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