Attaching the RGB LED to Chassis

As the name implies, RGB LEDs are able to emit red, green, and blue light or any combination of these. Later you’ll use the RGB LED to show the level of attention you measure with the EEG headband.

Put hot glue around the bottom of the RGB LED hole we made earlier. Stick the RGB LED in the hole from below and keep it still until the glue sets (Figure 1-16). Be careful to not touch the hot glue, as it can cause burns.

RGB LED hot-glued

Figure 1-16. RGB LED hot-glued

As a final touch, we hot-glued a lens salvaged from an old headlamp on the top of the LED. This is not essential, but it will make the LED less blinding and better looking. If you have a lens, spread some hot glue on the bottom of the lens and stick it on top of the LED (Figure 1-17).

Lens glued on top of the chassis

Figure 1-17. Lens glued on top of the chassis

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