A. Workpix bin, 39, 41, 41f

copying to EC1, 74

AAFs, creating, 120, 121, 121f

abbreviations for notes, list of, 74

ACE internship program, 3, 137

first-day observations, 137

act numbers, 43

act timing, 75f, 90

network requirements and, 84

reality shows, 116


day-of-days list, 46, 46f

reality show casts, 115

acts, page counts for. See page counts

Acts bin, 39, 39f

add edits, removing, 88

admitting mistakes, 151

ADR list, preparing, 9091, 90f

advance paperwork. See preparing for first day

ALE (flex file), 61, 63f

ambience levels, creating, 154

American Cinema Editors. See ACE internship program

Amheiter, Andreas, 139140

amortizing salary, 175

answering phones. See phones, using

anticipation, importance of, 60

apologizing for mistakes, ...

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