Traceis 2014 is a software tool for exploratory data analysis and data mining, designed to be used alongside this book to provide practical experience of the methods described. It includes a number of tools for preparing and summarizing data, as well as methods for grouping, exploring patterns and trends, and building models. The following sections describe how to install and use the Traceis 2014 software and provide a series of hands-on exercises making use of sample data sets.


The Traceis 2014 software can be accessed from the website The software is contained in a zipped file. Once downloaded, it can be unzipped into a folder on a computer. In addition to downloading the zipped file, a license key to use the software can be obtained by sending an email to An email will be sent to you containing the key, which is simply a number. The associated website ( contains the current minimum requirements for running the software, which can be used on a computer with the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) installed. The JVM usually comes installed on most computers; however, it can be downloaded from the Java website (, if necessary.

To run the software, either double click on the Traceis.jar file or open the Traceis.jar file from the Java software platform software. The first time the software ...

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