Appendix A. Appendix

In my research for this report, I inevitably came across a lot of good advice for dealing with a sudden death, but that was beyond the scope of this report. I don’t intend for this to be an exhaustive list of items to work on, but I did want to include this data because it might be helpful to some in a difficult time.

Section 1: Preparation Items Beyond the Scope of Managing a Digital Legacy

Ensure that multiple family members understand/have completed the following:

  • Add both spouses to all financial accounts as authorized users

  • Confirm that both spouses understand all sources of income

  • Ensure that both spouses understand all regular expenses

  • Make sure both spouses are aware of all financial accounts

  • Switch bill/financial management roles once per year

  • Review and purchase appropriate life insurance

  • Ensure major reward-point account information is shared between spouses

  • Verify that proper beneficiaries are set up for financial accounts

  • Both spouses create a will or estate plan

  • Both spouses create a living will

Ensure that multiple family members are trained on operation of the following:

  • Operating the home’s main electrical distribution panel (ideally with circuits labeled, including the main breaker)

  • Main interior or exterior water shutoff valve

  • Natural gas meter and shut off valve

  • Sewer clean out access

  • Hot water tank temp gauge, controls and pilot light (especially how to relight the pilot)

  • Attic and crawl space access

  • Sprinkler system controls

  • Plotted ...

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