Master Competitive Analytics with Oracle Endeca Information Discovery

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Oracle Endeca Information Discovery Best Practices

Maximize the powerful capabilities of this self-service enterprise data discovery platform. Master Competitive Analytics with Oracle Endeca Information Discovery reveals how to unlock insights from any type of data, regardless of structure. The first part of the book is a complete technical guide to the product's architecture, components, and implementation. The second part presents a comprehensive collection of business analytics use cases in various industries, including financial services, healthcare, research, manufacturing, retail, consumer packaged goods, and public sector. Step-by-step instructions on implementing some of these use cases are included in this Oracle Press book.

  • Install and manage Oracle Endeca Server
  • Design Oracle Endeca Information Discovery Studio visualizations to facilitate user-driven data exploration and discovery
  • Enable enterprise-driven data exploration with Oracle Endeca Information Discovery Integrator
  • Develop and implement a fraud detection and analysis application
  • Build a healthcare correlation application that integrates claims, patient, and operations analysis; partners; clinical research; and remote monitoring
  • Use an enterprise architecture approach to incrementally establish big data and analytical capabilities

Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Introduction
  7. Part I A Technical Guide to Oracle Endeca Information Discovery
    1. 1 Oracle Endeca Information Discovery Architecture
      1. Oracle Endeca Information Discovery vs. Business intelligence
      2. Introducing Oracle Endeca Information Discovery
      3. Oracle Endeca Information Discovery Overview
        1. Data Server
        2. Data Integration Tool
        3. Analytics Toolset
      4. Oracle Endeca Information Discovery Core Components
      5. Endeca Server
        1. Data Model
        2. Data Domains
        3. Records and Attributes
        4. Dgraph
        5. Endeca Server Clustering
        6. Endeca Query Language
        7. Services
      6. Endeca Information Discovery Integrator
        1. Integrator ETL
        2. Integration Server
        3. Integrator Acquisition System
        4. Web Acquisition Toolkit
        5. IKM SQL to Endeca Server
        6. Endeca Information Discovery Studio
      7. Endeca Information Discovery Studio Navigation Overview
        1. Anatomy of an Endeca Information Discovery Studio Application
        2. Provisioning Service
        3. Application Administration
        4. Major Component Summary
      8. Endeca Licensing
      9. Summary
    2. 2 Powering Endeca Server
      1. Planning the Endeca Server Installation
        1. Hardware
        2. Server Memory
        3. Server Storage
        4. Operating System
        5. Application Server
        6. Exalytics
        7. Securing Endeca Server
        8. Endeca Server Cluster
        9. Load Balancers and Endeca Server
        10. Installing Endeca Server
      2. Managing Endeca Server
        1. Data Domain Management
        2. Endeca Server Backups
        3. Replication
        4. Performance Monitoring
        5. Maintenance of Endeca Server
      3. Understanding Endeca Server
        2. EQL
        3. Resource Management
      4. Summary
    3. 3 Designing Visualization with Endeca Studio
      1. Introducing User-Driven Data Exploration
      2. Endeca Studio Systems Architecture
        1. Endeca Minimal Implementation
        2. Installation Requirements for Endeca Studio
        3. Installation Requirements for Endeca Provisioning Service
        4. Installation Summary
      3. Endeca Studio Application Development
      4. Example: FDIC Failed Banks Data
        1. Data for the FDIC Failed Banks Example
        2. Endeca Studio Application Creation for FDIC Failed Banks Data
        3. Tag Cloud for FDIC Failed Banks Data
        4. Map Component for FDIC Failed Banks Data
        5. Using Enrichments Within Endeca Studio
        6. FDIC Failed Banks Data Summary
      5. FDIC Failed Banks Data Advanced Analysis
        1. Advanced Visualization of the FDIC Data
      6. Example: Flight Delay Information
      7. User-Driven Data Exploration and Elimination of Cognitive Bias
      8. Summary
    4. 4 Mastering Endeca Information Discovery Integrator
      1. Enterprise-Driven Data Exploration
      2. Endeca Information Discovery Integrator Explained
      3. Endeca Integrator Acquisition System
        1. Endeca IAS Crawls
        2. Endeca IAS Record Store
        3. Example Endeca IAS Crawl
        4. Endeca IAS Installation and Operations
      4. Endeca Web Acquisition Toolkit
        1. Endeca WAT Background
        2. Endeca WAT Insights
        3. Endeca WAT Example
        4. Endeca WAT Installation
      5. Endeca IAS and Endeca WAT Comparison
      6. Integrator ETL
        1. Integrator ETL Background
        2. Text Enrichment
        3. Integrator ETL Basic Usage
        4. Integrator ETL and Text Enrichment
        5. Integrator ETL Installation
        6. Integrator ETL Text Enrichment Installation
      7. Integrator ETL Server
        1. Integrator ETL Server Background
        2. Integrator ETL Server Usage
        3. Integrator ETL Server Installation
      8. Enterprise-Driven Data Exploration and Integrative Thinking
      9. Summary
  8. Part II Business Analytics Use Cases and Tutorial
    1. 5 Analytical Applications by Industry
      1. Generic Use Cases
        1. Brand Reputation
        2. Human Resource
        3. Customer Churn Prevention
      2. Industry Use Cases
        1. Retail and CPG
        2. Telecommunication
        3. Financial Services
        4. Healthcare and Life Science
        5. Manufacturing
        6. Public Sector
      3. IT Use Cases
        1. Log Processing
        2. Security Management
        3. EDW Augmentation
        4. ETL Offloading
      4. Summary
    2. 6 Implementing Fraud Detection
      1. Overview of Voter Fraud Analytics and Detection
      2. Implementing Voter Fraud Analytics and Detection
        1. Election Results Analysis
        2. A Deeper Dive of Voter Records
      3. Summary
    3. 7 Implementing Healthcare Correlations
      1. Healthcare Analytics Use Case Overview
        1. Healthcare Analytics Capability Maturity Model
      2. Use Case Implementation
        1. Claims Analysis
        2. Patients Analysis
        3. Operations Analysis
        4. Partners
        5. Clinical Research
        6. Remote Monitoring
      3. Summary
    4. 8 Industry Best Practices
      1. Developing Analytical Capabilities
        1. Align with the Business Architecture
        2. Define the Architecture Vision
        3. Assess the Current-State Architecture
        4. Establish the Future-State Architecture
        5. Determine the Strategic Road Map
        6. Implement Governance
        7. People and Skills
      2. Best Practices for Implementing Data Discovery in General
        1. Architecture and Planning
        2. Process and People
      3. Best Practices Implementing Oracle Endeca Information Discovery
        1. Endeca Server
        2. Endeca Studio
        3. Integrator ETL, WAT, and IAS
      4. Future Trends in Analytics
        1. What’s Happening Today
        2. What’s Coming Next
    5. Summary
  9. A Additional Resources
    1. Endeca Integrator Reference
    2. Useful Links
    3. References
  10. Index

Product information

  • Title: Master Competitive Analytics with Oracle Endeca Information Discovery
  • Author(s): Helen Sun, William Smith
  • Release date: September 2014
  • Publisher(s): Oracle Press
  • ISBN: 9780071833196