The Interface

If you have used Civil 3D 2010 or 2011, the interface for Civil 3D 2012 is basically the same. If you are coming into Civil 3D 2012 from an earlier release, then this part of the chapter is for you. The context-sensitive Ribbon is one of the biggest differences you will encounter. The tools within Civil 3D can now be accessed via the Ribbon. Toolspace and the general look and feel of the Civil 3D interface make this release easy to use. Figure 1-1 shows the Civil 3D palette sets along with the AutoCAD tool palettes and context-sensitive Ribbon displayed in a typical environment.

Figure 1-1: Civil 3D in a typical environment. Toolspace is docked on the left, and tool palettes float over the drawing window. The Ribbon is at the top ...

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