Outputting raster data as WMS services in GeoServer

Unfortunately, PgRaster support is still not common and GeoServer does not support consuming PgRaster yet. This section shows how to use the PostgreSQL database to load a raster and then expose it via GeoServer.

We will make use of PgRaster a bit later though - we will write a simple WMS GetMap request handler.

Exposing a GeoServer layer based on a raster stored in PostgreSQL is not as straightforward as it was with vector tables.

In order to create a raster layer, we first need to install an Image Mosaic JDBC plugin: http://docs.geoserver.org/stable/en/user/data/raster/imagemosaicjdbc.html.

Do make sure to install the plugin appropriate to your GeoServer version.

Installing the plugin is ...

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