Knowledge Busters

This chapter provides a number of mini-cases called Knowledge Busters that will require you to conduct financial accounting research using the various databases discussed in Chapters 13 of this text, especially the FASB's Codification and eIFRS. The Knowledge Busters will help you not only to expand your financial accounting knowledge into some very specific accounting and technical issues, but also to become more familiar in navigating through the various databases that you will use as professional accountants. Completing these Knowledge Busters will provide valuable experience so you can complete the more challenging cases in Chapter 5.

Each Knowledge Buster will require you to reference specific sections of the authoritative literature in support of your recommended answer. Remember that, as you search the various databases, keywords or search phrases will aid you in identifying the specific sections of the authoritative literature that address the issue you are researching.

The following is a listing of the Knowledge Busters that are included in this chapter with the topic and the database(s) or website(s) to use in searching for answers to the specific questions raised.



Knowledge Buster 1

Topic: Location of Accounting Terms Database: FASB Codification ...

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