Chapter 4. Using Script Files and Managing Data

A script file (see Section 1.8) is a list of MATLAB commands, called a program, that is saved in a file. When the script file is executed (run), MATLAB executes the commands. Section 1.8 describes how to create, save, and run a simple script file in which the commands are executed in the order in which they are listed, and in which all the variables are defined within the script file. The present chapter gives more details of how to input data to a script file, how data is stored in MATLAB, various ways to display and save data that is created in script files, and how to exchange data between MATLAB and other applications. (How to write more advanced programs where commands are not necessarily executed in a simple order is covered in Chapter 6.)

In general, variables can be defined (created) in several ways. As shown in Chapter 2, variables can be defined implicitly by assigning values to a variable name. Variables can also be assigned values by the output of a function. In addition, variables can be defined with data that is imported from files outside MATLAB. Once defined (either in the Command Window or when a script file is executed) the variables are stored in MATLAB's Workspace.

Variables that reside in the workspace can be displayed in various ways, saved, or exported to applications outside MATLAB. Similarly, data from files outside MATLAB can be imported to the workspace and then used in MATLAB.

Section 4.1 explains how MATLAB ...

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