Matrix Algebra

2.1 Vectors and Matrices

We have already seen how vectors and matrices are represented in MATLAB in the chapter dedicated to variables, however we shall recall here the notation.

Consider the matrix


You can enter this in MATLAB in the following ways:

  • A=[a11,a12,…,a1n ; a21,a22,…,a2n ; … ; am1,am2,…,amn]
  • A=[a11 a12 … a1n ; a21 a22 … a2n ; … ; am1 am2 … amn]
  • A=maple(‘array([[a11,..,a1n],[a21,..,a2n],..,[am1,..,amn]])’)
  • A=maple(‘matrix(m,n,[a11,..,a1n,a21,..,a2n,..,am1,..,amn])’)
  • A=maple(‘matrix([[a11,..,a1n],[a21,..,a2n],..,[am1,..,amn]])’) ...

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