Project: Roughing in the Textures

With the basic lighting established, you can now adjust the materials and add various color, specular, and bump maps.

Texturing the Choker

The woman's choker is composed of four surfaces: Choker_Band, Choker_Ring, Pendant_Ring, and Pendant. To make the choker look like black vinyl with gold rings and a semitransparent red pendant stone, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Blinn material assigned to Choker_Band and open its Attribute Editor tab (in the sample scene files, the material is named Choker_Band_). Change the Color to black, the Eccentricity to 0.2, and the Specular Roll Off to 2.0. Render a test. The band's specular highlight makes very even vertical stripes (see Figure 3.20).

    Figure 3.20: (Top) Initial ...

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