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MCTS 70-680 Cert Guide: Microsoft® Windows 7, Configuring

Book Description

Start-to-finish MCTS 70-680 preparation from top Microsoft technology consultant, trainer, and author Don Poulton!

  • Windows 7 installation, upgrades, and deployment

  • User and application migration

  • Windows 7 deployment

  • Physical and virtual hard disk configuration and management

  • Windows Update

  • Device and application configuration

  • Internet Explorer configuration

  • Networking, including TCP/IP configuration

  • Firewall settings

  • Mobile and remote computing

  • Secure access control for local and shared resources

  • System performance management and monitoring

  • Backups, system recovery, and file recovery

  • Test your knowledge, build your confidence, and succeed!

  • Packed with visuals to help you learn fast

  • Dozens of troubleshooting scenarios

  • Real-world MCTS 70-680 prep advice from experts

  • Easy-to-use exam preparation task lists

  • From Don Poulton, professional Microsoft technology consultant, IT training expert, and best-selling exam guide author