Note: Page numbers followed by “f” and “t” refer to figures and tables, respectively.


Antibonding molecular orbitals, 56, 66
Apex angle, 371–372, 377
on mechanical behaviors of carbon nanocones (CNCs), 436–438
Arc-discharge evaporation method, 1, 2, 2
Armchair CNTs, 4, 122, 235
critical diameters versus tube lengths for, 240f
fundamental frequencies of, 240f
Armchair nanorings, 412–413, 414f, 417f
Armchair single-walled carbon nanotubes, 4f, 49, 56–57, 60, 71, 74, 79t, 216
bifurcation strain for, 216f
critical diameters versus tube lengths for, 240f
Atomic finite element method, 249–250
coupling with atomistic-continuum method, 251–254
bridging domain method, 252
bridging scale method, 252–254
quasicontinuum method, 251–252

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