Chapter 16

Using Blogs and Ezines in Your Marketing Plan

In This Chapter

arrow Marketing with a blog

arrow Incorporating ezines in your plan

Setting up a website or blog is just the beginning to having a web presence and beginning your micro-business. Check out Chapter 4 for details on setting up a blog. Creating a blog or website though is only half the battle. The other half — the more important half — is all about marketing and how you can use your blog in that battle. This chapter is all about using your blog to market your business and your service or product.

Blogs and ezines are a great part of your arsenal, even if your business is essentially off-line. For example, say that you’re a landscaper. You can use blogs and/or ezines to stay in touch with customers and prospects all year round. Marketing is more than a sales pitch or other obvious attempt to generate or increase revenue. It is also about cultivating business relationships with the idea that you’re building the potential for revenue down the road.

In this chapter, I explain how you can use a regular blog, a video blog (both with a YouTube channel and at your regular blog), and an ezine to market your business. I use my own pursuits with these three to show you how to do it.

Choosing Whether You Want a Blog, Ezine, or Both ...

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