Creating Make Table Queries

Make Table queries are used to create new tables from the recordset returned by a query. The source query can use expressions and perform calculations as well as return the values from the fields in one or more tables. In this lesson you learn that some of the uses of Make Table queries are to store the results of complex queries or summarized data in a temporary table for further use, to archive data from existing tables, and to create a temporary table with mail merge data to use with Microsoft Word.


For this lesson you need Access 2010 and the Lesson 29 files from the book's website at www.wrox.com. You should be familiar with creating database objects and working with queries in Access 2010 to complete this lesson successfully.


Make Table queries in Access 2010 are much like other Action queries in Access. A Make Table query has many uses:

  • Storing the results of a complex query for more efficient or further processing of the data.
  • Archiving all, or a subset, of the existing data in a table should be to a new table.
  • Creating temporary staging tables to hold data that is to be exported.
  • Creating temporary tables to use as a source for a mail merge to an external program, such as Microsoft Word.
  • Exporting data to an external Access database.
  • Creating a new table with the same design as an existing table, but without any data.

A Make Table query is an Action query and can cause a loss of data, thus it requires ...

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