Starting with a blank table

You could continue to use table templates to build tables; however, you’ll find that in some cases you need to create your schema from scratch to meet your specific app needs. To begin creating a new blank table, let’s start with a new, empty web app.

Click the Custom Web App button on the New tab of the Backstage view, name your new web app Restaurant App, provide a URL to your Access Services site, and then click Create on the Custom Web App dialog box. Access then displays the Add Tables screen. Click the Add A New Blank Table link, as shown in Figure 3-9, to begin creating a new blank table.

A screen shot of the Add Tables screen in Access. The middle of the screen displays a search box for templates, and the bottom portion displays buttons for importing data from different sources. Author has clicked the Add A New Blank Table link on the right side.

Figure 3-9. Click the Add ...

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