Touring the Logic Designer

Install the Back Office Software System backup copy sample web app ( on your team SharePoint site, and then download the app into Access so that you can follow along with all of the examples in this chapter.

To create data macros, you first need to open a table in Design view. To display all the tables in your BOSSDataCopy web app, click the Navigation Pane button in the Show group on the Home ribbon tab. Double-click the table called tblCompanyInformation to open it in Design view, and then click the Design contextual ribbon tab to see the data macro events, as shown in Figure 4-1.

A screen shot of the tblCompanyInformation from the BOSSDataCopy web app table open in Design view. The Navigation pane is shown on the left side of the screen with the table highlighted. To the right is the table opened in Design view. The ribbon displays three buttons in the Events group: On Insert, On Update, and On Delete.

Figure 4-1. Data macro ...

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