Chapter 6

Shipping Docker Containers in Azure


Bullet Understanding Docker and containers

Bullet Reviewing Azure support for Docker container

Bullet Implementing Azure Container Instances and Azure Container Registry

Bullet Touring Azure Kubernetes Service

Bullet Deploying a Docker container in an Azure App Service web application

Docker containers are taking over the world!

Okay, maybe I need to tone down the hyperbole. Many businesses are realizing the financial benefits of using Docker containers in their development and production environments. In a nutshell, Docker containers make it a lot faster and easier for developers to build software products.

Microsoft supports Docker containers in its cloud in myriad ways. You may not be a Docker expert by the time you finish this chapter, but I’m entirely confident that you’ll grasp the use of containers and the possibilities of using Docker in Azure.

Understanding Docker

If you’ve read Chapter 5, you probably have a pretty good idea of what virtual ...

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