AAD (Azure Active Directory), 125127

access and identity

activities, 141142

Failed Logons, 144147

Identity Posture, 143144

Logons Over Time, 147148

management, 9

restricting, 6163

Access Control (IAM), 22

ACLs (access control lists), 12

Activity Log, 78

AD Identity Protection, integration with ASC, 148149

Adaptive Application Controls, 38, 111114


installing, 2630

missing and not responding, 52

removing, 35

Amazon EC2 keys, theft, 7

analytics. See Log Analytics

anomaly detection, 20, 106108

Antimalware installation, 55

application controls, 111114

application whitelisting, 111114

applications. See also logic app

firewalls, 6871

as malware, 5

ASC (Azure Security Center). See also security; SIEM (Security Incident and ...

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