Chapter 6: Adding Location Intelligence with Power Map

In This Chapter

  • Installing Power Map
  • Loading data into Power Map
  • Adding and managing map visualizations
  • Customizing map components
  • Sharing your Power Map tours

Location intelligence is an area of business intelligence where data is represented in terms of geospatial plots on a map. With it, you can show your audience a visual representation of how certain data points relate to others in terms of location.

The Power Map Add-In is a tool that facilitates location intelligence by leveraging Microsoft Bing maps to plot geographic and temporal data. With Power Map, your audience can analyze data in an interactive map, offer new geographical perspectives and understandings, and create cinematic video tours that engage audiences like never before.

In this chapter, you explore the Power Map Add-In and discover how you can leverage it to add location intelligence to your cache of BI solution offerings.

Installing and Activating the Power Map Add-In

The Power Map Add-In does not come with Excel out of the box. If you find a Power Map button on the Insert tab (see Figure 6-1), then the Power Map Add-In is already activated.


Figure 6-1: The Power Map Add-In is on the Insert tab.

If you don't see a Power Map button, then you have to download and install it.

As of this writing, the Power Map Add-In ...

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