Working with contacts

Once you've started managing mailboxes using the Exchange Management Shell, you'll probably notice that the concepts and command syntax used to manage contacts are very similar. The difference of course is that we need to use an different set of cmdlets. In addition, we also have two types of contacts to deal with in Exchange. We'll take a look at how you can manage both of them in this recipe.

How to do it...

  1. To create a mail-enabled contact, use the New-MailContact cmdlet:
    New-MailContact -Alias rjones `
    -Name "Rob Jones" `
    -ExternalEmailAddress `
    -OrganizationalUnit sales
  2. Mail-enabled users can be created with the New-MailUser cmdlet:
    New-MailUser -Name 'John Davis' ` -Alias jdavis ` -UserPrincipalName ...

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