Creating new mailboxes

Creating a new mailbox with EAC is easy. Open Recipients, select Mailboxes, and click the + (plus) sign to expose the dialog box to collect details about the new mailbox (Figure 5-8). Exchange 2013 supports the following mailbox types:

A screen shot showing the fundamentals of mailbox creation. The properties required to create a new mailbox (first name, last name, display name, name, organizational unit, logon name, and password) are populated. That’s all Exchange needs to create the new mailbox.

Figure 5-8. Creating a new mailbox

  • User mailboxes. The standard full-function mailboxes used by people to send and receive email and work with calendar, contacts, and other mail-enabled applications. User mailboxes can be associated with archive mailboxes to provide secondary longer-term storage. Archive mailboxes are discussed in Chapter 10.

  • Linked mailboxes. Mailboxes that are linked to a user ...

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