Chapter 14. Essential Worksheet and Cell Range Operations

This chapter covers some basic information regarding workbooks, worksheets, and windows. You will discover tips and techniques to help take control of your worksheets. The result? You'll be a more efficient Excel user.

Learning the Fundamentals of Excel Worksheets

In Excel, each file is called a workbook, and each workbook can contain one or more worksheets. You may find it helpful to think of an Excel workbook as a paper notebook and worksheets as pages in the notebook. As with a notebook, you can view a particular sheet, add new sheets, remove sheets, and copy sheets.

The following sections describe the operations you can perform with worksheets.

Working with Excel Windows

Each Excel workbook file is displayed in a window. A workbook can hold any number of sheets, and these sheets can be either worksheets (sheets consisting of rows and columns) or chart sheets (sheets that hold a single chart). A worksheet is what people usually think of when they think of a spreadsheet. You can open as many Excel workbooks as necessary at the same time.

Figure 14-1 shows Excel with four workbooks open, each in a separate window. One of the windows is minimized and appears near the lower-left corner ...

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