Chapter 23. Outlook 2010 Inside Out

Setting Follow-up Flags and Reminders

Sharing and Comparing Calendars

Receiving and Synchronizing Data

Importing and Exporting Outlook Data

Archiving Outlook Data

Reading RSS Feeds in Outlook

Using Outlook Social Connector and the People Pane

Our Favorite Outlook Tweaks and Tips

WHAT’S on your to-do list today? If you use Outlook 2010, the answer can be just a click away. In this chapter, we explain how you can flag e-mail messages, contacts, and tasks for follow-up so that they appear as prioritized to-do items in any view. We also show how to set reminders so that you’re less likely to miss important appointments or tasks and how to coordinate multiple calendars—yours and others.

For the most part, receiving new e-mail ...

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