Chapter 2. Give Your Presentation the Look You Want

You can use tools in PowerPoint 2007 to give your presentations a professional look that gets your work noticed. For example, you can customize any of PowerPoint’s built-in layouts by removing any of the predefined content placeholders.

You can also give your presentations a consistent format across presentations by using Slide Masters. You can create your own Slide Masters to suit your unique formatting needs.

You can emphasize a key message or logo when you place watermark text or a watermark image in the background of a printed slide. You can also place slide numbers on each slide in a presentation to make it easier for audience members to find particular slides.

If you are looking for ways to provide consistency across presentations, printed materials, and Web sites, you can find out how to change the fonts used throughout an entire presentation. You can use custom graphics or other materials from a Web site as bullets in your presentations or background images for slides. You can also quickly change the layout of slides whenever needed. PowerPoint 2007 also enables you to apply colors to various elements and then save those colors as a custom color scheme.

If you work with international customers, partners, or co-workers, you can enable the display and editing of content in a wide variety of languages to expand the impact of your presentation.

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Customize a Layout by Removing Placeholders



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