Chapter 7. Enhance Your Presentations with Custom Content

You can communicate more effectively when you use specialized content to illustrate important information or concepts. You can include hyperlinks to Web pages in your presentations to bring in information and resources on demand to answer questions that arise. You can even include hyperlinks to e-mail addresses so that potential customers can easily reach you.

The Equation Editor can make fast work out of typing and formatting equations. You can also insert symbols to represent characters that are not on your keyboard, such as ®, ©, or ™.

If you work with financial or statistical data, you can put it to good use by inserting it into your slide from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

You can even insert Excel functionality into your presentation if you want to display data that requires calculations. You can also graphically communicate numerical data in your slides by inserting an Excel-based chart.

You can use diagrams more effectively when you connect shapes to form lines or arrows between objects. These lines stay connected even when you move the objects. You can also use the Organization Chart to update your organizational changes.

If you use a Tablet PC to create or edit your presentations, you can use Ink Annotations to make free-form notes or sketches directly onto your slides.

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Link to the Web from Your Presentations



Add a Link to an E-mail Address



Explain It Better with Equations ...

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